Madame Secretary….breaking news…hubby shot…but OK.

The poor bloke was shot by American Militia members…..UNFORTUNATELY…their aim was off and the cunt only got a flesh wound.

Strangely the Jews who produce this crap have yet to show a Nazi flag in the militia HQ….WTF??.

This appalling thinly veiled zio indoctrination show is heavy on Jewish Schmaltz AND spectacles spectacles.The Jewish actors are forever adjusting and readjusting their glasses (avec fake lenses)…(It is designed to give them extra IQ for appearances sake)

It’s all kids stuff designed to manipulate dumbed down Americans.

Keep in mind that there is a distinct chance Americans…in the future,will take up their arms and overthrow the Jews now camped in Washington..So it is a good idea to pre indoctrinate Americans about “evil militias” and their access to “stinger missiles”…The brutes!.

Actually it would be a very good idea for the militias to get hold of some of them….because the Jews running Washington will have no hesitation using drones and missile armed helicopters on militias in the backwoods of the American North West.If things go really bad the Jewish oligarchy will retreat to their PRE PREPARED underground bunkers…..

OKAY…..Let’s contrast this Hollywood Madame Secretary with a REAL ONE.Madeline Albright the poisonous Jewish dwarf (who masqueraded as a Catholic for some years)

The TV Madame Secretary is portrayed as a fundamentally good sport….her Schmaltzy home scenes reinforce that idea…..

Then there is the REALITY….The poisonous Jewish Dwarf and war criminal Madeline Albright….She is INFAMOUS for saying the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was “worth it”.That’s all you need to know about a REAL AMERICAN “Madame Secretary”‘

Both the actress portraying the fake Madame Secretary AND the Poisonous Dwarf…..ARE JEWS…..

No doubt the crypto Jew STALIN thought it worth it killing millions of Russians ….

If you enjoy watching comedy shows on TV….then Madame Secretary is well worth a try…..some of the ham acting is priceless….however have a sick bucket standing by during the Schmaltz interludes.

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