Small trucking company in NZ behaves in an illogical manner.

Let’s say there is a small transport company in NZ who have a fleet of trucks….but at any one time seven out of nine of those trucks is out of commission because of huge reliability problems.

Would it make sense for the company to continue to buy the same brand of truck as replacements……NO!….such a move could result in the bankruptcy of the company…..

Kiwirail the quasi govt company is about to reorder some diesel locomotives from China.The previous locomotives ordered by KiwiRail have been proven to be disastrous….with huge maintenance and reliability issues with 7 out of 9 locomotives out of action most of the time.

So the management of KiwiRail is not behaving in a logical competent manner…especially when you consider that there is a move away from using diesels…. to electricity…. in other parts of the world.

Okay….this means the management of KiwiRail is either incompetent OR corrupt.Corrupt because”sales incentives” are given to buyers when you get big orders like this.The Arms industry is INFAMOUS for this sort of thing.

Since Chinese corruption is widespread….it would not be ¬†inappropriate to suggest that there is corruption within ANOTHER govt dept in NZ.

ANOTHER…..As Two government departments are well known in NZ for being inherently corrupt….The Department of Immigration and the Fisheries related government dept.

When you have a Prime Minister dipping his hands into the expenses till AND getting away with it….what chance is there of the fucking cunts at KiwiRail being apprehended IF they are not behaving lawfully.

What about the NZ Media…..The Fourth Estate…..they’re a fucking bad joke….a bunch of poseurs who award themselves worthless awards at award shows every year.

Just recent NZers were treated to one of their bad jokes….where Patrick “Hunky Punk”**Gower “grilled” the Labour Leader in a faux interview…when everyone knows that he will be replaced by a large set of TEETH at the next election…..The Politically Correct Labour Party will hope their new leader will have more bite…and with the set of gnashers she is packing she just might!.

The MAJORITY of NZers are fed up to the back teeth with the constant promotion of minority interests…by the media non entities like Gower….

**Note Gower is known as “Hunky Punk” around parliament after someone noticed the remarkable similarity in appearance between Gower and decorations found on some churches in Somerset,Britain…..

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