“Transphobic Abuse”…The Daily Mail hits new low.

This one concerns Bruce Jenner the American transvestite whom are zio media are currently promoting as normal.Some members of the public made some harmless quips concerning Jenner…..as they often do in Britain.They are currently being investigated for “hate crime”…something which could have been lifted straight out of the pages of 1984.

While numerous members of the public are labelled with an assortment of supposed psychological conditions…a weirdo like Jenner who parades around pretending to be a member of the opposite sex is depicted by the Jewish controlled media…..as normal….with special laws to back it all up…if anyone should have the temerity to disagree.

Obviously there is something profoundly wrong here…..One thing you can say for sure is….it is only going to get worse…..all it requires is a few years of conditioning by the media.So something which was once considered abnormal gradually becomes normalised…..usually an appeal is made to people’s innate sense of fair play…..”If a brother and sister want to marry each other,what harm does it do”.etc etc..”They’re not harming anyone”.

The fact is the Khardasians are trash people promoting a NWO agenda…likely without their direct knowledge.Jenner is a pathetic individual with serious mental problems…..somehow……perhaps during his childhood he had his sexual identity derailed…..a fact which is all rather unfortunate…..his condition being exploited to the maximum by the Jewish controlled media….for titillation and sensational purposes…..if anyone should be prosecuted under “hate crime” legislation it is the media itself…..The punishment being a Kalashnikov makeover.

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