NZ Federated Farmers….User Pays…THEY DON’T.

A normal business would take out insurance to cover unforseen setbacks to the business….Like a drought or a flood.

Farmers don’t have to do that because NZ taxpayers do it for them.

They are in a win win situation….and guess what NZers are getting pissed off with it.

You get the same situation in Britain where landowners get huge subsidies…but that is not enough for them….they get the government to open the floodgates to cheap third world Labour and in the process ruin the country…

Note the current corrupt Marrano Catholic Prime Minister of NZ who robbed his taxpayer funded expense account owns a farm… can work out if ALL NZers will be subject to the USER PAYS SCAM.

The level of corruption in NZ is growing every year…..and all the FUCKING MEDIA TALKS ABOUT IS IDENTITY POLITICS.

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