“What next”….The all new TVNZ tv show.

Guess what…..The show is fronted by two Jews (well crypto Jews to be more exact,since their ethnicity is never mentioned).

Given the fact that the vast majority of NZers are NOT Jews,how would one explain the Jews predominance in the media….?

No worries on that one….Jews practice racism toward non Jews….usually well concealed….otherwise people (the majority) would get upset.

They get away with it because they superficially appear to be of the same race as the majority.Their networks ensure they know who and who is not a member of the tribe.

So Europeans bowling up at TVNZ HQ with the expectation that they have an equal chance of employment have no idea they are on a losing streak right from the start…..Hannah Brown or Simon Jackson will get the job even if they are not as well qualified.

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