Merkel the crypto jewess introduces laws from Nazi era.

“She” is confiscating flats/houses from owners in order to let them to invader migrants….AND THE INVADERS KEEP COMING….it is summer in Europe and the invaders are arriving in ever greater numbers.


The crypto Jewish/Masonic elite in NZ is following the same agenda….NZers who object to the elites invasion should regard themselves in a state of war….The elite and media are fair game for attention….simply because the government has absolutely no intention of listening to the majority of NZers who against the invasion.The Jewish run media DELIBERATELY slants the news in favour of the invasion….

More often than not the media figures can be described as scum.Just look at the IDIOTIC TOSSERS who are on morning TV….they are all of a certain type….hugely overpaid,latte slurping wankers all singing from the same song sheet of political correctness…..all the while attempting to convince the public they are doing a good job.Obviously,post revolution,you would line up the MOFO’s and let rip with your Kalashnikov….

The public’s hate for th media scum is a growth industry… NZ a favour and let these laughing giggling fuckwits know via the social media.Check out the pinhead on TV3 s morning programme….how on earth did this cretinous prick ever get the job??.

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