“Sir” Michael Friedlander….Property speculator…a Jewish oligarch in NZ….and a cunt to boot.

He is just one of the Jewish oligarchy which now rules NZ….it is Friedlander and his Jewish mates who are determining NZs immigration policy which has resulted in poor NZers living on the streets….including a cancer sufferer and her family living in a car.

His wealth is estimated at TWO BILLION DOLLARS….Graeme Hart the richest cunt in NZ is ALSO A JEW…is worth SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS.He got his start by being given the Govt Printing office for next to nothing.This theft involved the collusion of corrupt Jews in the NZ Parliament….This was nothing more than South American style massive corruption.(Hart is NZs Madoff only HE GOT AWAY WITH IT.Madoff is of course,A MASSIVELY CORRUPT AMERICAN JEW)

The Jews point man in parliament is WILLIAM ENGLISH….a greasy little short arsed chancer with a permanent Cheshire cat smirk….Hey! You’d be smirking too after stealing money from an expense account AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

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