LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION…..A British real estate programme on TV.

BOTH the presenters who front this program are JEWS….which should come as no surprise since most programmes on TV in Britain have this ethnic group fronting TV.From “The Chaser” a quiz programme. Which has a midget Jew fronting it……to Wildlife documentaries (Attsteinborough) to Cooking programmes (Nigella)…..to cooking travel programmes Rick Stein and currently an Italian jailbird (Nico or something like that…travelling around Italy…his wife is ALSO a crypto Jew as you would expect)’

THEY ARE ALL CRYPTO JEWS…THE JOB LOT OF THEM.Obviously they are not uniquely talented to do the job…so they appear in the media BECAUSE they are Jews…..The Jewish racist network in the media bases WHO is going to appear on TV on the basis of their race…which is a perfect example of a RACIST employment policy.

Programmes such as Locationx3 are the perfect vehicle to carry the multicultural agenda/politically Correct agenda……operated by the Jews…

In a clear cut example….The house hunters are OFTEN mixed race couples OR homosexuals or lesbians.In NZ they have just featured an individual of African origins and a blonde woman…The Jews who control British TV absolutely love this combo….it happens far too often to be a coincidence.

Keep in mind NONE of this stuff happens by chance…it is a Jewish evolutionary strategy….that fact is beyond doubt.

Also be aware that when the Jews stranglehold on a country is at risk,things can get very very nasty,very quickly…….They start killing people in large numbers as happened in the USSR.

Which is why it is essential for people living in Western Countries to start accumulating arms….for self defence reasons….obviously Americans are in the fortunate position ,with their absolute right to bear arms.

Just for once….let’s hope that citizens aim for the top rather than battling each other on the streets…while the oligarchy sits on the sidelines…..which is more or less the situation found in the Middle East today….The author’s of the destruction and mayhem in the Middle East ISRAEL are left unmolested while the various factions fight each other to exhaustion.

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