NZ National Party releases it’s housing policy which is a replica of the NZ Labour Party????’

Some people may wonder how this can be when the two parties are supposed to be in opposition to each other.

Stop wondering….as in many other “democracies”….The two parties are being run behind the scenes by the same people.The big corporations usually controlled by powerful Jews.Word has got back to them that there is growing dissatisfaction with how things are being run.At the two extremes are teenagers with CANCER living in cars and the CRIMINALS WEARING SUITS LIVING IN MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR MANSIONS WITH THE VERY BEST OF MEDICAL CARE.

A good example of criminals in suits are the Merchant Bankers Fay Richwhite and the executives of Hanover Finance….to name just two.

It should come as no surprise BOTH of these criminals in suits are JEWS!!.

To highlight the fake two party politic system….there is no better example than the latest farce…The American presidential election.

BOTH….The candidates were crypto Jews.The fucking moron Trump and the grossly corrupt Hillary Clinton…..actually they are BOTH “grossly corrupt”‘

If you had asked Americans about a policy of investigating and prosecuting Wall Street Bankers… could have imagined that Americans would have flocked to a party promoting this as one of their central policies….no worries…most Americans know all too well about this corruption.


The reason is obvious BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES ARE OWNED BY THE JEWISH OLIGARCHY…..which,year in year out gives 15 BILLION DOLLARS to the Jews in Israel…a country with a higher standard of living than the donor!!!.

The internet is having a strong impact on the blizzard of lies issuing forth from Washington…..word is getting around…The JEWS OWN WASHINGTON….not anti Semitic rhetoric….STONE COLD FACT.

So America and other nations of the West particularly Britain and France are totally under the control of the Jews.

France has just elected the crypto Jew Macron as president….so you can safely assume France is going to go from bad to WORSE….Keep in mind Macron worked for the Rothchilds.Theresa May “the Vicars daughter” is married to  Jew.Just prior to taking up the job as PM…she had a dinner date with her boss….The Chief Rabbi of Britain…..enough said.

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