Thierry Mayssan….Voltaire net via “

Obviously “Voltairenet” is a Jewish run outfit….

Here’s why….”Thierry Mayssan” reckons there is a devious Anglo-Saxon plan to destabilize South America.Anglo-Saxon meaning Britain and America….

Which of course is PREPOSTEROUS NONSENSE….

Both these countries have a Jewish cabal which calls the shots….The JEWS run the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve….and Jews also totally control their respective media.

So the Anglo-Saxon stuff is undiluted bullshit/disinformation….There are crypto Jews in both countries…in both governments.Here is just two of the many examples.Senator McCain and Boris Johnson….there are many more examples including the fucking moron Trump….all his family are Jews,and all his business associates…and the public are supposed to believe he is not a Jew….what a load of BS.

So you can write off Voltaire net immediately….

Thetruthseeker also runs videos by Paul Watson….who is an associate of the FUCKING JEWISH MORON Alex Jones.Watson is of course a crypto Jew gatekeeper.

Thetruthseeker is run by Jews and usually features only Jewish writers.

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