“Britain’s got Jews”

Britain’s got talent….is one of those appalling talent shows for aspiring plebians….obviously a false flag terror attack by MI 5 would be beneficial,particularly if the judges happened to be blown up before the ransom demand was negotiated.

Now here’s the odd thing….all the judges are JEWS….or they have the occasional token minority showing up for appearances.

With David Walliams bear in mind that Saville the most degenerate individual in British history made a great deal out of his child charities…while PREYING on them.Walliams writes children’s books..but no mistake Walliams is one serious “wrong ‘un”..’…only he has yet to be exposed….he will be well protected from exposure….like Saville (a crypto Jew)’

Amanda Holden is a jewess of course,who has had serious bodywork.

The lead judge and multimillionaire at one time purported to be a Catholic (like Saville)….he is said to be a homosexual….his marriage to a jewess is probably entirely for publicity purposes.

What the public is unaware of is…(A)They are all Jews and (B)They are all seriously “compromised” individuals and nothing like their public persona….they are a bunch of seriously nasty assoles…..They shouldn’t be allowed on public television…unfortunately JEWS TOTALLY control the media in Britain.

So how is it in a country with the vast majority being Anglo-Saxons that all three judges are from an ethnic minority….It’s all to do with Jewish Racism…..Jews actively exclude Anglo Saxons from the media….while pretending to BE Anglo Saxons…..They have been pulling this racist trick for centuries…..but eventually the host population works out the scam.(this can take several generations)


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