May promises to reduce immigration to tens of thousands…

LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT….IT IS ANOTHER LIE….told countless number of times by British leaders over the past 40 years….from Thatcher to Blair,from Blair to Cameron….

NOTHING WILL CHANGE….May is lying her fucking head off.Since there are no political parties which cater to the concerns of most people in Britain…then revolution becomes the only viable option.

The British Secret Police mi5 AND the media prevents any nationally oriented political party from getting established…essentially British citizens have been disenfranchised…..

All it would take to set things alight in Britain is a severe downturn in the economy… is inevitable this will happen….things are already creaking at the seams…..The oligarchy will be seeking to run the unrest (via penetration of all political groups by the secret police)..unless people wise up and start at the top.

Meantime….The invaders keep arriving every day of the week….they are being housed,clothed and fed by British taxpayers…Meantime May proposes to cut back winter fuel subsidies for poor people in Britain…..YOU COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP!!.

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