Tough guy Trump says it’s America and Americans first…

What will Trump do about the attack on American protesters in Washington…by Erdogans bodyguard goons…..

N O T H I N G……….nothing at all.

The Turkish shot down a Russian jet last year….a trade embargo was launched by Putin….

Obviously the Turks need to be put in their place by two of the most powerful nations in the world.They are obviously incapable of running a democracy.

NZers may be concerned that the Jewish elite have not imported these troublemakers into NZ…..THEY HAVE!!.

In Britain these trash people control a large part of the heroin trade.

We ain’t finished yet….One of THE most corrupt Jews in NZ Eric Watson celebrated his birthday party***in Istanbul!!..There is a sizable population of Jews in Turkey and it has been suggested they control that country via the Turkish Deep State.

***.With money stolen from NZ investors….around HALF A MILLION DOLLARS….no chance of a prosecution of course…..(contacts in parliament)

Incidently….there is a war/famine in Sudan right now.NZers SHOULD BE ON HIGH ALERT because the Elders of Zion Marxist fiends usually use this as a pretext to flood the west with more third world immigrants…..via promos by the Jewish run media.

OKAY… ask the Australian police about THEIR experiences with Sudanese immigrants….a fucking disaster.

The Jew controlled media has just run  a promo for “the changing face of NZ”….The news was read out by a smiling Simon Dellow who is a jew and the reporter who delivered this news item was also a Jew.


What exactly is meant by the “changing face of NZ”….it sounds like an Orwellian slogan….It means the once peaceful and stable NZ is vanishing into a cloud of political correctness…meaning corruption and a HUGE wealth inequality…and organised Jewry taking over all the levers of power….like They have done in the USA.It also means the declining influence of Christianity which has been relentlessly attacked by the media for the last forty years.

You’ll also find absurdities like the Jewish Greens leader being paid $184,000  a year while preaching socialism…..(Note…about 35 years back MPs were paid about the same as a senior teacher….The motto is “pay the cunts big bucks and keep ’em sweet”.That way the oligarchy won’t have to deal with difficult questions.

Obviously NZers are going to have to get very nasty with their representatives who DONT represent…The more covert the better…they’ll get the message sooner or later.

NZ is a democracy NOT a fucking oligarchy…..

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