Daily Mail…relentless in pushing crypto Jews wedding….in a church.

The inhabitants of Britain’s wealth bubble were out in force to attend Pippa Middlesteins wedding to a crypto Jewish financier.

You could imagine that the rich class of Ancient Rome behaved in exactly the same manner….as the barbarians hammered on the gates of Rome.Quite possibly some of the ruling class opened the gates of Rome to the hordes hoping that being nice to them would solve the problem.

The ruling class of Britain ….well their days are numbered but they’ll take down thousands with them….all of the motherfuckers kids are on drugs…Pippa Middlesteins uncle was at the wedding (surname Goldsmith…!) He is INFAMOUS for his drug taking on one of those debauched Spanish holiday Islands.

The Daily Mail of course was at its usual best….The rotten rag reported that there were a whole lot of localsightseers gathering at the entrance “hoping to catch a glimpse” of the cunts….looking at the photo of the cunt glimpsers…there may have been around twenty of them….This sort of lie is the opposite of the Mail reporting on protest marches that are not in accord with government objectives.

Meantime in the real world two (at least)thousand third world immigrants arrive on Britain’s shores every week….only a fucking fool living in a wealth bubble would consider that this is sustainable.Mind you the daughters of the wealthy are highly unlikely to be raped by the invaders….unlike the situation in Rotherham….where British citizens are left to fend for themselves…and the invaders crimes against THEIR daughters are actually covered up…..a sickening situation which will only change if ordinary Britons say enough is enough….they should not expect any help from the ruling class….there will,no doubt,be another hi-soc. wedding to attend …..on the social calender.




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