Get your news reports in the correct order.

Tv1 in New Zealand is in the thrall of Global Racist Jews Inc… most media in the West.They always push multiculturalism….usually with a jolly approving smile…..they have a variety of methods in their madness.Here’s one of them.

First they have a shocking story about events in the Middle East…with harrowing photographs of refugees fleeing XY or Z war zone…..

True to form the Jews at TV1 did just this…..

The NEXT news item was about accommodation in SWEDEN designed to house the fleeing refugees….only it is aflame…..some sensible Swedes had sent a message to their treacherous elite….

The viewers reaction will be based on the PREVIOUS news item about refugees in Iraq…..

It is really all about Democracy or the lack of it….because if Swedes had been asked if they agree with the ZOG of America attack on Iraq …virtually the whole of Sweden would have been against.Swedes were never asked of course….Yet the Jews media implies that Sweden is somehow morally obliged to take millions of third world people.

In Britain there was a march of more than a million people against the war in Iraq….of course,because Britain is the fakest of fake democracies…The one million strong march was totally ignored….while the marchers themselves were depicted as Looney lefties….some May have been,the majority were not.It was a Jew owned smear because THIS attack was ALL about Israeli objectives NOT Britain’s.There is a plan ….which states clearly that the Jews intention is to knock out all possible opposition to Israel by nearby countries….Syria is next followed by Iran.

Racist Jews in the media are fair game….because it is THEY who disseminate the oligarchs objects.Today everyone is suspicious of the media…people realize they are generally a pack of cunts….

The two newsreaders were crypto Jews.Thimon Dellow and Wendy Peachtree….The international news reports were….surprise…..surprise ALSO produced by JEWS…

Currently the Jews are FLOODING NZ with large amounts of illiterate third world immigrants….it will end up destroying NZ….eventually.It needs to be put a stop to….and the overpaid TOSSERS in parliament AND the media should be the focus of attention.Currently they are using scare tactics to persuade voters they should support third world immigration…this is YET ANOTHER example of their duplicity.

Incidently I got ANOTHER visit from the Dept of Statistics yesterday…only the employee looked exactly like a cop…or possibly an SIS type.There must be a law against this sort of bullshit….however even if there is a law the cunts would go right ahead and ignore it.

Stuff like this will become ever more commonplace as resistance grows to globalist Jews policies…..

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