Trumpstein….The International statesman….As John McEnroe would have said …”YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS”.

Americans have most likely already forgotten Trumps campaign promises.The Wall has not even begun to be built.Third world immigrants to America keep arriving at the same rate as they were before Trump was elected.And….”Lock ‘er up” Hillary Clinton is still free as a bird.The Swamp,if anything,is Swampier…with zio-alligators still cruising Washington’s streets….soon they’ll have to get one of those boats with a fan at the back to navigate around Swampsville….just to stay clear of the predators in the Swamp.

As any well informed person knows…Trump is a Jew…as are,most likely,the leaders of Saudi Arabia…so all the nonsense spouted by Trump on his visit to this state…was a mixture of lies and bullshit.

According to Trump the new arms deal with Saudi Arabia is “good for jobs”…No mention of course the long term objective of pitting Sunni mooslums against Shiites….that is Iran….in the interests of the Swamp Operators…International Jewry/Israel.

In Britain Theresa May has promised to lower immigration…..Once she is elected…she will follow Trumps example….and do NOTHING worthwhile to control and stop the invasion of the third world….into Britain.(note….just before she took office she had a private dinner with…none other than the Chief Rabbi of Britain)

People in Western democracies have been disenfranchised….by Global Jews Incorporated.

Trumpsteens visit to Israel is going to be interesting….you could speculate his handlers will attempt to portray Trump as someone who is not controlled by the Jewish fiends….AS HE REALLY IS….after all you wouldn’t want Americans to guess that their president is nothing more than a Jewish “go-fer”….whose first interest is NOT America or Americans but…ISRAEL.

After all Israeli Jews have a higher standard of living than Americans…yet…strange as it may seems America gives aid to a richer country!!.

There are 50 million Americans on the breadline who may very well OBJECT to this!!..’




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