Hillary Barry…NZTV1 breakfast host.

This morning she spent a considerable amount of time sucking up to David Walliams the sicko Jewish media figure.

Barry is like most of the breakfast tv crowd….trash….lightweight politically correct TRASH.

One memorable comment from Barry was when she commented on Walliams habit as a child of dressing up as a girl.”That’s fantastic” says the two bit Hillary…..Question:What precisely is fantastic about this….it is a TOTALLY ABSURD comment to make.But what you would expect from a PC presstitute on breakfast TV.

Trash like Hillary make a mockery of the media’s role in democracy…to uncover wrong doing by the untouchable elite…..TV1s whores regard their mission to be to …..brainwash the public with PC.

NOTE:The elite in democracies are currently heavily pushing gender identity issues….You would not be surprised to find that Hillary has some darks secrets in her background.

And what about her jumped up little twat mate Jack Tame….another lightweight…he currently uses Maori interspersed with English….WHAT ? is his motivation…..?.He does this to receive commendation for his commitment to PC….NOT because he has any genuine interest in the language….This is typical of the politically correct cunts….they are full of shite….The snotty nose little twerp deserves to be mocked….but the media in NZ all know each other.

In Britain there is a Jew called Phillip Scofield…he appears on their breakfast TV.(he started his tv career in NZ).Scofield is a 100% PC jew…and an extreme lightweight too.Just post the Westminster attack…..this preposterous little jerk walked along Westminster bridge to demonstrate he would not be “intimidated by terrorism”.He was widely mocked in the British press.

New Zealand newspapers may be able to increase their sales….by ruthlessly attacking TOSSERS on TV….TOSSERS like the WANKERS Hillary&Jack.

Note…You COULD switch to TV3….but sorry there are another set of extreme lightweights there too….The Auckland latte set…paid large amounts of money to present offensive nonsense….





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