Lorde….famous because she is Jewish.

Lorde simply does not have enough talent to be a high profile pop star…so it is the Jewish ownership of the music industry that explains her success.

Her pop videos suggest she is uncoordinated….and has far more self belief than actual ability….

Most likely she was given a break for “political” reasons….that is,it is useful for the global music industry to have a token Kiwi in the mix.

If the crypto Jew Charlie Chaplin was still alive Lorde would make a good side kick…..for sketches….or as a model for arthritis medicine…..she would be the “before the medicine was taken” model…stiff as a board.Lorde COULD be a little more discreet in her public comments….In the music newspaper Melody Maker she was said to have complained about her former Chinese boyfriends “mini-pecker”.

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