The Manchester Attack….remember this….

With decisive action all of this could be stopped.Mass deportations of anyone remotely connected to terrorism…as a start.

Keep in mind the Pakistanis who raped British girls…and were convicted..ARE STILL LIVING IN BRITAIN AND HAVE NOT BEEN DEPORTED….

This fact is a good example of HOW the elite TOTALLY IGNORES the wishes of the average person.

The media which is totally controlled by Jews actively colludes with the politicians to under play the seriousness of events like this…..AND the easy solutions to it.

Note:While a British citizen who vandalizes a mosque risk a grossly disproportionate sentence of 15 years in jail….The elite actively covers up the mass rape of British girls by Muslims…

The agents of the MI5 wage covert warfare against British nationalists…terrorists who travel to the middle east are ALLOWED TO RE ENTER BRITAIN.

This should tell anyone with half a brain what is ACTUALLY going on.

Meantime the “free press” wages war against anyone who has the temerity to suggest conspiracies take place within governments.They also ban opinions they don’t like while talking about free speech….The Daily Mail today ran an article about “conspiracy theorists” on Twitter who merely suggested that this event may have been a false flag.THEN padded out the comment section with accusations questioning the sanity of said commentators…..

Rather than being a friend of your average person the media is actually the enemy of anyone who demands action…The enemy of the people.

Fuck them and their fireproof passport found at 9/11……



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