The Manchester attack…..what SHOULD happen but won’t.

Britain’s citizens should vote for UKIP but like the French who voted for Macron the former Rothschilds employee…they won’t.What they will do is vote for the same parties as last time HOPING that their government will ACT…May Said she would crack down on immigrants…she has done NOTHING.

FORCE the British Secret Police (mi5) to stop disrupting completely legitimate political parties which promote nationally oriented policies.

It is time for the British public to realise Britain is governed by a treacherous elite with an agenda…a secret agenda….stop fooling themselves that anything will change…it won’t.

It is NOT a coincidence that the minute IRA terrorism came to a halt….it was immediately replaced by another form of terrorism…

Blair….The crypto Jew needs to be held to account.Remember….a secret report was released which exposed Blair,with Blair’s intention to change the face of Britain via mass alien immigration.Blair should be imprisoned at the very least or hung for treason.

Efforts should be made to get to the bottom of this attack….that is,was it staged or facilitated by the intelligence services,in particular MOSSAD…The author’s of the 9/11 atrocity.

Theresa May should be STOPPED from making one of her “they are trying to divide us” speeches…or calling for tolerance.

Ultimately it is the treacherous Jewish elite controlled oligarchy which is responsible FOR DESTROYING BRITAINS IDENTITY VIA MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION…..just as is happening in ALL Western democracies.

One of THE MAIN PROBLEMS is the media is entirely controlled by JEWS making it Impossible to get truthful reporting….because they always work to cover up the extent of Jewish Power and influence….The very best example is the media’s coverage of 9/11….TOTAL LIES AND FABRICATIONS.

The definition of madness is repeating the same actions time and time again and expecting a different result…..The British public WILL vote in May again and there WILL be another terror attack and there WILL be thousands more invaders arriving on Britain’s shores every week…..and the British police WILL be hampered by the government in cracking down permanently on Muslim terrorism.

The British public had better watch out…this attack may be used to justify fighting more wars for the Jews in Israel…..

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