Madam Secretary …Zio-American fantasy propaganda…MK 2

This week’s zio propaganda via the tv they own.

There is a CHRISTIAN girl in some made up central Asian state….who wants to provide help to local people….but those fucking bastard mooslums kidnap her to use her for sex slavery…..(Those halfwitted Americans who attend those giant churches made of glass who have crypto Jews as their pastors (like Benny Hinn,the Israeli) will be fucking outraged at this poor girls fate….The girl eventually dies of suffocation in the back of a truck….The Jewish actors who play ALL the roles in Madame Secretary….are very weepy about it all.

Okay how about a plot where a CHRISTIAN girl wanting to help people in… let’s see….ISRAEL.She is deliberately run over by a Jew in a bulldozer while attempting to stop JEWS destroying a family’s house….she is killed by JEWS….Well this incident is not fantasy but ACTUALLY HAPPENED (Rachel Corrie….a street in Iran has actually been named after her )

Don’t expect the Jews who make Madame Secretary to have a plot like this!.Infact the Rachel Corrie incident has been shoved down the memory hole.One of the advantages of total control of the main stream media.


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