“The situation is now at critical level”

This was an announcement made by Theresa May following the terrorist attack in Manchester.

QUESTION:What is the point of informing the public about this??.It does not help one way or the other….since the General public cannot do anything about it.

So what is the corrupt elite ACTUALLY doing?.

There are a number of reasons for this…but one of the reasons you could speculate is the British govt wants to convey the impression they are doing something….putting visible troops on the street is a good way to suggest the govt is protecting the citizens.

BUT KEEP THIS WELL IN MIND…any fool could have predicted that incidents like this would happen IF you flood a country with alien people.Infact Enoch Powell who was anything but stupid predicted it DECADES AGO!!.(for doing so he was ostracized…more or less,from public life)


Has the crypto Jew May brought in an immediate ban on immigrants from the middle east…OF COURSE NOT.

It is just possible the satanic elite will use this incident to justify more involvement of British troops in the Middle East…fighting Israel’s wars.Either in Libya or Syria.

FINALLY….what rational govt deliberately creates problems for its citizens……by importing millions of foreign people…..Answer….a govt ruled by an unaccountable hidden cabal with an agenda which is withheld from the public…..The British government is ruled by the Jews…MOST OF THEM ARE CRYPTO JEWS….like Boris Johnson.

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