Jews who run Prime TV channel run disgusting gay promo programme.

Jews control NZ TV….which therefore gives this ethnic minority hugely disproportionate influence in NZ.

They have just screened “Secrets of the Gay Sauna.

This was made by the Jewish owned and operated “Channel 4” in the UK and featured jewish homosexuals (not stated of course)

Why do the Jews INSIST on publicising this stuff….It’s in their nature…Tel Aviv is a butt burglars paradise….along with prostitution.

Jews also swamp Western Countries with foreign immigrants against the will of the majority of people’s wishes.

It is all going to end badly but it will take a generation or two….and Jews will then pack their bags again looking for a new place to set up camp.(NZ will never recover from its once peaceful existence and order…just wait until the Jews get their claws into Japan….they have already laid the groundwork while Japan was under the dictator crypto Jew McArthur)

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