May and Macron BOTH crypto Jews…pledge to stand “shoulder to shoulder against terrorism”.

1)Just before being installed as PM May had a cosy private dinner with the Chief Rabbi of Britain (rather than the Archbishop of Canterbury…as you might expect)

2)Macron is of course a former employee of one of the Elders of Zion,none other than the Rothschilds…who are said to be trillionaires,rather than billionaires.(they provided the initial funding for the establishment of the racist Israel state.No doubt they were also indirectly involved in the appointment of the crypto Jewish General Monash as head of Australian armed forces in Palestine WW1.So Australian soldiers lost their lives fighting wars for the JEWS…NOT for Australia.

Today thousands of Americans have lost their lives for exactly the same reason.

As for Macron and May… may have noticed neither of them has the slightest intention of closing the borders of their respective countries…to potential terrorists….as any rational REAL leader would do.

Both French and British citizens who care about the future of their country…need to consider a Day of the Jackal scenario….but be warned the respective Jewish run secret police in each country will give them WAY MORE ATTENTION than any foreign terrorist….and that just about sums it up.

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