NZ TV……a conspiracy…..of silence.

You get all sorts of talk about NZs overloaded infrastructure….from hospitals to schools to roads….

Some people MAY notice that the CAUSE of the “overloading” is NEVER MENTIONED….mass uncontrolled immigration….some parts of Auckland look like a place in a foreign country!!…just like London.

The FACT the cause is so infrequently mentioned is DELIBERATE…

The Jews now form the elite level oligarchy in NZ….WORSE via their racial exclusivity they TOTALLY CONTROL THE MEDIA.

Their next step will be to totally control the secret police/SIS when that happens NZers traditional freedoms will go into a downward spiral.The secret police will then start running their own opposition….who will then use them to target people such as myself…The secret police will then start recruiting immigrants which the Jews have imported into NZ….This is ALREADY HAPPENING IN BRITAIN.

“Independents such as myself can face “multiple threats”…. from different groups…thanks to the cunts in the secret police.They like to have control over protesters….and use them for their own purposes.The far right and left in Britain could be described as totally penetrated by the British Secret Police….headed up by the crypto Jew Parker.

Keep in mind that NONE of this stuff is supposed to happen in  a democracy….however people are beginning to realise something is not right….THANKS ENTIRELY TO THE INTERNET…..The mainstream media is an absolute joke….populated by controllable lightweights who are guaranteed to say the right thing….as part of the bargain their excessive use of upmarket drugs like cocaine is overlooked by the authorities.

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