So WHY is the NZ government that purports to represent NZers FLOODING NZ with hordes of foreign people’s?.

There are plenty of “news” reports stating “NZ needs the immigrants”…..But what is the REAL reason.

The secret report released to the public during the Blair period tells you WHY this is happening.The report stated that the objective was to change the face of Britain forever….this is of course TREASON.

The long term objective is to destroy the identity of Western Countries and replace it with a swirling mass of people with no specific identity….ultimately leading to a one world government….ruled from Israel whose identity is assured because of their stringent Jews only immigration policy.

Keep in mind it is ALWAYS JEWS at the forefront of promoting third world immigration into the West.Usually they are crypto Jews like Merkel,Macron,May and Trump.

To achieve this objective Western Countries will HAVE to be turned into vicious police states especially once citizens finally realise what is going on.The elite at this point will attempt to create strife between the various ethnic groups so they can maintain their power.

All this has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory….you can actually witness it happening.Take for example Theresa May….she has done NOTHING to stop the flow of illegal immigrants NOTHING…..and neither has Trump.The story sold to Americans is that he has been thwarted by congress etc etc.It’s all a pack of lies.

Now the crypto jewess May is making a big play of hunting down the terrorists….once again another lie.If they were serious no immigrants would be allowed back into Britain if they had travelled to Libya…..The man in the street could tell you that….simple and straightforward..

There are parts of London where there are NO British people living….these areas look like third world cities….

You could compare this situation to 14th Century Spain( when the Moors ruled in the South).Jews occupied very prominent positions at this time just as they do in Britain today….but the Spanish worked out what was going on…eventually….The Catholic church gave the necessary unity for a concerted action to drive out the invaders.Not possible in Britain…The church of England has been decimated and is led by a crypto Jew!.

So the treacherous Blair gets 24hr round the clock protection costing millions of pounds every year…..

So the elite are going to CONTINUE to flood NZ with foreign people’s NO MATTER WHAT NZERS DO OR SAY….they have an agenda and to say they represent NZers is the purest fiction.

Parts of Auckland have very few or no NZers living there…..Keep in mind NZers were NEVER consulted on any of this stuff….it has been imposed on NZers with constant promotion by the Jews who control the NZ media.

NZers could try to stop alien immigration which is destroying our way of life by voting for the NZ FIRST Party….but such is the level of control of politicians in the West…this may not work….Essentially you have to focus all your attention on the one percent….because it is THEY who are pulling the strings.

(The fate of the leader of the NZ Conservative party is THE perfect example of HOW they do it…..this naive fool was a pushover….some people may want to thoroughly check the background of the people around him….this would have to be done covertly and in depth…..The British intelligence agencies make it their practice to insert their people into political parties….The practice is illegal of course….not that this means anything)



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