Virtue Signalling….it’s a new popular term sweeping Airstrip One (Britain)

This term essentially means TOTAL PC WANKERS saying stuff in public which carries a message that the said wankers are totally in accord with PC ideology.They are letting their PC mates know just how much in tune they are with what is right and proper (according to the PC cunts)…..and will greatly appreciate any praise on offer for doing so….and maybe get a promotion in their job….too.

This just happened in London…Katie Hopkins got fired from LBC radio…not to miss an opportunity, a disc jockey who also works at LBC celebrated Hopkins dismissal….then the slime ball managed to squeeze in a bucket load of sickening toadying to the management of the station….The executives.A more blatant example of sycophancy would be hard to find….but cunning as  ‘ell.

Obviously,apon completion of a successful revolution in Britain this PC goon would be swinging from the nearest Plane tree in Hyde Park…..of course he would have one of those hastily written placards draped around his neck….”I TOADIED TOO FAR”.

Unfortunately NZ also has its unfair share of these Virtue Signallers in the media. …The chief offender being Jack Rabbit Tame and his sidekick on TV1 breakfast….ghastly PC sycophants.A runner up is the church Hunky Punk Patrick Gower who is reputed to be a part time serial killer…..notice his rhythmic hand movements when presenting to the camera….then imagine he is squeezing your life away as your jugular gradually succumbs to the death grip of Gower….not nice!.

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