1500 “migrants” in one day….reckons The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail is part of the elites method of waging war on Europe and Britain.

The elites media has decided to downplay the invasion of Europe which us currently taking place…..Another 1500 invaders arrived in Europe yesterday….they were rescued by a ship….according to the Daiy Mail.

It is all to do with the language used…The Daily Mail calls them migrants…..they are not “migrants” they are illegal immigrants or invaders.

The migrants who are not migrants were not rescued either….their entrance to Europe is being facilitated…by Jews like Soros who finance their crossing of the Mediterranean.

The Daily Mail is predominantly staffed by Jewish journalists,it is owned by Jewish interests and the editor is a crypto Jew.The same can be said of ALL newspapers sold in Britain.Essentially this means that a very powerful ethnic minority is determining the fate of all Anglo Saxons living in Britain….this is emphatically NOT a healthy situation for any democracy…..and will ultimately result in the disappearance of the majority ethnic population….Oh! and the destruction of Britain…..and  The treacherous Blair will have got away with it.Just to repeat…Blair is NOT a real Catholic….he is actually a Marrano.Trudeau in Canada is NOT a real Catholic,he is a crypto Jew.John Kerry in the US is NOT a real Catholic he is a Marrano.Madeline Albright is NOT a real Catholic,she is a crypto Jew.

There are MANY crypto Jews in London….even the head of the British Secret Police PARKER of MI5 is actually a Jew.

Five hundred years ago the Spanish figured all this out and came up with a series of names to describe Jews pretending to be Catholics….it is about time Britain figured it out as well BEFORE their country becomes so run down that things become impossible to turn around.

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