“I love it” gushes crypto jewess crone.

One of the WORST PC maniacs on NZ TV is “Hillary” on Breakfast TV1…..to use the vernacular….a horrible virtue signalling crone…..in a properly run democracy this Zio-Crone would be subject to preventative detention for the well being of New Zealanders….that is normal everyday Kiwis who don’t use cocaine and are not paid hugely inflated salaries….in other words NOT media latte quaffing wankers.

So…here’s The latest of Hillary’s Western Civilisation destroying comments……”I love it”.

Hideous Hillary was referring to a new plan by THE FUCKING CUNTS in central government to make school uniforms gender neutral (as the cunts call it)…this includes multi-sex toilets…..remember there are now more than two sexes…like you find in some tropical reef fish.

It’s all complete lunacy of course…it is the sort of ideological madness which accounts for aberrations like Pol Pot in Cambodia…….

Unfortunately there is a longer term plan to all this stuff….that is blurring the line between sexes etc.But of course this is not immediately obvious…..Forty years back on kiwi tv it would have been impossible to imagine a Hillary PC presenter saying “Oh I love the idea of skirt/shorts combination,why not,marvellous!!…..”……and then go on to say……”fudge packing is a brilliant concept,okay bottoms are not designed for it….but they can always be repaired with modern surgical intervention….I love it”‘

As you may have worked out Hillary is only a couple of brain cells away from being as thick as pig shit.

Once Winston Peters assumes office…you can be quite sure he will be amenable to the introduction of the Political Correctness Control Act under which Hillary and her tinpot PC fellow criminal Jack Rabbit Tame will be able to be charged with sedition and serious mind bending stupidity.

In summary these Politically Correct twats are seriously idiotic ideologues….as Che Guevara used to say…”pass the Kalashnikov”.

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