Serious human rights abuses now occurring in Britain.

The British government is using all manner of strategies to subvert the right of its citizens to voice their opinion on the mass third world invasion of the country….organised by the zio-elite.

British citizens are being locked up on trumped up charges,the families of dissenters are ALSO being targeted…this strategy is employed to exert pressure on the dissenter to cease their activity.

This stuff makes sense…..once in a Citizens Advice Bureau on the outskirts of London I was informed that MI5 actively targets the offspring of dissenters….THIS IS CRIMINAL….obviously children of protesters cannot possibly be held responsible for their parents actions…IN A DEMOCRACY!!….it gets worse…should British nationalists end up being incarcerated on trumped up charges they are often put in jail with anti European immigrants in order that they may be attacked….all of this deliberately and calculatedly by the British zio-state.

While the British govt routinely casts itself as an important voice of human rights around the world….within its own borders….it’s a whole different ballgame IF……citizens do not buy the government’s propaganda to multiculturalise their country….

So as long as British citizens go along with state propaganda….no worries mate….which is of course precisely what happens in totalitarian countries….

How much longer can the British government maintain the facade that Britain is a democratic country…..cracks are already appearing as people realise that the government has absolutely NO intention of halting the invasion…NONE…no matter how many atrocities take place.The response to these outrages could have been lifted from the pages of 1984/Brave New World….all orchestrated by the Jewish owned and operated state media…They keep lighting candles and wearing black arm bands at sporting fixtures….as if this has the slightest effect…..when the OBVIOUS course of action is to deport immigrants who are associated with criminal activity.The Pakistani rapists of young British girls are still living in Britain!!.

All these facts put together tells you that politicians like Theresa May are DELIBERATELY thwarting the will of the people….through a combination of the criminal targeting of legitimate political protesters by the political police MI5…. and outright lies by the state run media… is it possible that ALL the main media outlets ALL sing from the same song sheet…UNLESS there is a behind the scene conspiracy…..and there is!!.

As usual…it will probably take something like a food shortage to provide the “spark” for people to vent their anger at the destruction of Britain and it’s thousand year old culture…Naturally the treacherous British Secret Police will attempt to manage any revolt….(there is ample evidence of the use of children by MI5 in order to entrap politicians…disgusting amoral cunts…The same cunts who have closed down investigations into pedophiles like Heath)

Currently the Orwellian British media are casting Theresa May as a capable leader…’s all nonsense of course.Only a couple of years ago she was one hundred percent in favour of the EU AND responsible for THOUSANDS more illegal immigrants pouring into Britain.May is a liar,a fraud….a big act and frightening in appearance close up.

It’s all going to blow up sooner or later probably the time of the “blow up” will be chosen by the criminal deep state….


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