Trash news in NZ leads it’s bulletin with…..wait for it…a show biz convicted drug dealer.

Schappel Corby is an Australian convicted drug dealer and trash ….She is flying back to Australia after completing her sentence.


Well the zio media certainly does….it was one of the lead stories….The point is that there are any number of other newsworthy stories they COULD have run….but didn’t.Part of the reason… it may have cost them more money to do so….

Why should NZers be subjected to this shit news….It is to do with the shit people running the television channels.

What HAS happened is there has been a large drop in the number of people who actually watch the fake news…but,not surprisingly the TV Channels are not keen to report this fact…

Meantime in fantasy land the TV companies line up a bunch of cretins to say just how damn good their fucking “news” is…….which is a downright cheek!!.Of course the hired cretins get paid to lie their heads off.

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