Ellen Disingenuous…The barking mad lesbian jewess…The decline and fall of the American Empire.Commonly called Zio-Rot©

Let’s get one thing straight Ellen Degenerous IS certifiably mad….if you ever wondered how mad dictators ever come to power….here’s your answer.It seems none of her audiences have the capacity to understand that Degenerate is not the full quid.She has the blazing eyes of a fanatic who has put one over on her adoring fans.Like a lot of these show biz Jews she likes to have a tame Negro standing by….(see the impossibly idiotic Jimmy Felon….zio-twat® extraordinaire)

And what about her “dancing” around her audience….this is a gross example of exhibitionism and is horrifying to watch…you keep wondering if just one enlightened member of the audience will tell the lesbotic madwoman to Piss off….but it never happens….

How did Americans ever end up in such a state?’.A whole audience screaming and yelling at the antics of a Jewish lesbian???….hoping the kikette will,maybe just maybe give them a hand out with the presentation of a giant cheque…..like providing peanuts to monkeys at the zoo.

Americans need to regain their self respect and overthrow this incredibly racist minority which rules their country….Let’s hope there is another thirties style depression which would provide the right impetus to get a revolution brewing.There would be a collective sigh of relief as Mad Ellen is frogmarched onto a Starlifter transporter to be parachuted into the racists world headquarters…Israel…with some strategically placed holes cut into the canopy to hurry Degenerates descent.

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