The NZ GREEN PARTY….chocka block full of crypto Jews.(same in Germany)

The Leader of the Party is of course a Jew…or more accurately a crypto Jew…since his ethnicity is never mentioned….He is paid $180,000 dollars a year and he is not even in government!!….what a fucking earner that is….like the Hungarian origin Jew who sported dreadlocks….for nine years in parliament he is now on a pension for life….it’s outright theft….BUT THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.

It won’t be long before there are no Europeans at all in parliament only JEWS and minorities…and many of those with Jewish ancestry.

The Greens now have a “refugee” on the team….A refugee from Iran…but there is not a war going on in this country…..It’s another Jewish refugee scam……(If you use political persecution as the reason…..then there are hundreds,possibly thousands of people in Europe currently being persecuted by Western Jewish controlled governments…those people who object to having their countries invaded by fake refugees brought into the countries by treacherous CRYPTO Jewish politicians like the hermaphrodite Theresa May and Angela Merkel.Macron the new French president who is ALSO a crypto Jew will continue to allow the invasion to continue….unabated….so there is plenty of political persecution going on in the West…..and it is going to get worse as people realise that politicians like May have absolutely NO intention of stopping the invasion.Just recently the British Secret Police Mi5 have announced they intend to check why the Manchester bomber evaded their checks.This garbage is for public consumption….as Parker and his Jew mates at Mi5 realise the jig is almost up…that these terrorists are allowed freedom of movement….because THEY authorised it.)

Right…..This new Greens MP candidate…from Iran.Naturally most everyone will assume she is a Muslim…far more likely she is infact an Iranian Jew and that Jews in positions of power in NZ got her a NZ passport.Keep in mind that there are many Jews living in Iran and it would not be at all surprising to find that Iran is ruled by Iranian crypto Jews.Far from being persecuted in Iran….Jews live in some of the richest suburbs of Teheran.

The Labour Party appears to have a Jewish strata at the top including Andrew “sweaty” Little and the new MP the one with horse gnashers….

Previously in NZ history MPs entered parliament for political reasons…they wanted to make changes.Now the motivation is entirely different….it is a fucking career move….with enormous benefits.Many MPs have become wealthy as a result….all on the back of taxpayers money (the fucking cunts in local government are working to maintain their perks by getting a free lunch from ratepayers….all of this stuff is as a result of a change in the way NZ was once run….)

So you get all these cunts lining up to be an MP….and the chief motivation is $$$$$$$$$$$….Money….loads of fucking money…..

Career politicians in the US are destroying American democracy…so that all of the motherfuckers are for sale to the highest bidder.The sickening spectacle of Netanyahoo receiving 30 odd standing ovations tells you all you need to know….The American govt is in the hands of the Jews….and New Zealanders government is going the same way!!.

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