“Why I am no longer talking to white people about race”.

Guess which newspaper this article appeared in…..yep…The Guardian of course.

The Guardian has a team of writers whose sole preoccupation in life is to attack Europeans…so these articles in the Guardian are a matter of routine.

But,as usual it is not as simple as that because the Guardian is not owned or staffed by “whites”…..It is owned and predominantly staffed by another race altogether….Jews….so what gives?…..exactly.

Jews are an extremely powerful and influential race who are renown for their racial solidarity….meaning exclusivity…meaning racism.Jews control the financial system of Britain not to mention the US….one black politician called New York “hymietown” simply because JEWS run the place.

Jews are running a scam here…you soon realise this after a while.It is Global Jewry which is responsible for the mayhem in the Middle East….

By now if Western Countries had not had their borders over run by third world immigrants questions would probably be asked as to …WHY are Western Countries getting involved in wars that are of no benefit to them….then some people may have worked out that Jews hold western countries hostage by controlling all the key levers of power and that includes the press….

So essentially all this racism stuff is actively fostered by Global Jewry Inc….it is a strategy….a Jewish strategy…it is as simple as that.

Obviously the Jewish owned press won’t be running continual articles about racism in Israel….like the 2500 Palestinians killed by Jewish racists or Israel’s stringent immigration laws based entirely on race.

Obviously people in western countries are getting sick of this shit….Fed up with it…..particularly those people targeted by the likes of Mi5…headed up by a crypto Jew Parker.

But unless the top level Jews who are running the scam are held responsible then Global Jews Inc are going to plunge the world into another world war…

Like the editor of the Guardian for example….she,it goes without saying,is Jewish….Meantime the Jew Soros is plunging Europe into a crisis by funding the third world invasion of Europe…a crisis which could EASILY be avoided.Make no mistake,the horrendous hag Merkel is one of the gang….The destabilising of Europe continues apace…a huge new flood of invaders is arriving on the shores of Europe…..no prizes for guessing WHY the Guardian is not reporting this….

Guaranteed the Jewish editor of the Guardian will be running another “whites are racists” article…soon.Meantime in Israel Palestinians are the subject of racist murders every week….

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