“Madame Secretary” reaches new heights of absurdity…a total inversion of the truth.

Well it should come as no surprise…The show is produced by JEWS and all the actors are Jews….it could have been made in Tel Aviv rather than Zionist occupied America.

Every well informed person knows the,Global Jews Inc. is famous for its false flags….From Libya to the attack on the USS Liberty (failed) to 9/11 (yet to be exposed)…The Mossad (global assassin’s Inc) even has as it’s motto “to make war by deception”

NOT with Madame Secretary however…..it’s those fucking terrorists who object to having their land occupied…The Palestinians who are doing the false flagging….The brutes.

According to the Jewish script writers of Madame Secretary….those damn crafty brutes ..were planning to launch an attack on their own mosque in Jerusalem in order to get surrounding Arab countries to attack Israel.Madame Secretary actually used the term false flag….so this episode turned truth on its head and had the poor long suffering Jews as the hapless victims of false flaggery…..yeah right give me a fucking break…..it’s got bells on it.

Put it like this…if you control the financial system you can control everything else…including the media…and thus you can “control the truth”.Jews control the financial system of the world….so they can do pretty much anything they like…including flooding western democracies with millions of third world immigrants…and controlling the intelligence services in order to control opposition to their dictates….They can also finance thinly veiled propaganda like Madame Secretary….soaked up like a sponge by the majority of Americans.

ALL THE PEOPLE SURROUNDING TRUMP ARE JEWS…..INCLUDING TRUMP HIMSELF….you see them everyday on the news as they carry on their charades…..like the Trump handshake controversy.Keep in mind the leaders he is shaking hands with…like Macron for example…ARE ALSO JEWS.

Contrast the depiction of Madame Secretary….an earnest soft spoken well meaning individual WITH Hillary Clinton who is famous for her foul mouthed rants and shouting matches and her husband of ill repute…like blow jobs in the oval orifice.

Madame Secretary is about as real as star trek.(The actor who played Capitain Koik….is of course a Jew)

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