NZ HIV rates on the rise….and the authorities don’t know why….or so they reckon.

You could safely speculate why…THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS.

Anything which threatens the elites agenda (for example…The deliberate multiculturalisation of western countries)….is deliberately hushed up…The elite is composed of massively rich Jewish oligarchs who own the media.The news outfits are predominantly staffed by Jews…in particular political reporters.

So the sudden rise in HIV..could be safely attributed to the elites immigration conspiracy…particularly immigrants from Africa.

This is just another example of the treacherous elites which now TOTALLY control Western Countries wrecking those countries.

How many relatives of the Manchester bombing outrage will lay the blame where it REALLY belongs….The succession of British governments which have overseen and encouraged MASSIVE ALIEN IMMIGRATION INTO BRITAIN.

Adverse reaction to the British governing class will be somewhat assuaged by the Jewish popstars raising large amounts of money for the victims.

Meantime….May has done NOTHING to stop the invasion….they keep arriving in Britain by their thousands.

The same elite is flooding NZ with SEVENTY THOUSAND Immigrants every year….they are overloading our medical services AND introducing diseases like TB and AIDS…….and we have politicians like the IDIOT Paula Bennet …….laughing and giggling for the cameras.

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