“Shes a liar liar”…New pop song about Theresa May becomes a chart topper.

Britain has two choices at the next election…..The slow decline candidate Theresa May or the rapid decline candidate Corbyn….in other words no choice at all.

The problem is that behind all the election banter they are BOTH BATTING FOR THE SAME TEAM….

Both support mass alien immigration,only May can’t say that outright ….because of the type of people who vote for her.

So this new song will appeal to the lefty types…..lefties luv their villains of the right….except May is not right or left…she is the globalists candidate AND so is Corbyn.

You can be sure that a percentage of lefties have realised its all a fucking put up job….ditto some righties.Rather than voting they would be better off running a demo outside the secret police HQ (mi5)….who work for the “deep govt”….which is why Dr David Kelly suddenly had a rather bad spell of suicide-itis.(honest people like Kelly are regarded as a fucking nuisance by the cunts at the top)

As for May being a liar ..yeah so what……. so is the Marxist dickhead Corbyn…..Any politician who offered a real choice would NEVER make it through the selection process.May,however,is definitely a “wrong ‘un” with an unhealthy lust for power…..

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