American TV….fostering extremism….

If you check the internet you’ll find some really unusual “highest number of searches” …results……one of which being “most effective methods of blowing up Ellen Degenerous”……

What is ACTUALLY taking place here,… the obvious question…..

Surprisingly….it’s all rather straightforward.The American middle class is becoming radicalized…..Americans turn on the Tv for some rest and recreation only to chance apon Ellen Disingenuous and find that rather than being relaxed they become agitated…..

It is the sheer idiocy of Ellen which riles them,followed by her beach crab scuttling across the stage,followed by the controlled hysteria of the audience.

Television manufacturers have taken advantage of all this by making tv’s capable of withstanding direct hits from Budweiser cans thrown at close distance….and continuing to operate.

Then something snaps in the average American….something tips them over the edge….The Budweiser can is no longer enough.Perhaps it is one sycophantic interview with another Jewish celebrity…too many…..or one fake laugh,or maybe the viewer cannot take Ellen’s ridiculous crab scuttle anymore…..something sets off your average middle class American…it is at that point they start looking around for alternative solutions.Hence the extremely popular internet search….”Blowing Ellen Degenerate into an atomized state…quickly and effectively”

So the Jewish owned television companies have,indirectly,fostered extremist behaviour within America.

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