Czech dyke pipes up on Margaret Court.(see Courts comments on wall to wall lesbo’s in tennis)

They sort of build up the pressure by having more and more voices speaking up.Martina Dykealova reckons Courts name should be expunged and replaced by Yvonne Goolagong……THIS is the PERFECT politically correct solution…it will also appeal to the wealthy Jewish oligarchs who control Australian politics….AND the media.

Martina Navratilova is the ideal top level women’s tennis player….because she was born with many masculine attributes….she actually LOOKS like a bloke…she does not need to take male muscle building hormones….she’s already got ‘im.Just like Billie Jean King.

Way before this gay stuff became an identity politics thing….Billie Jean King was happily vibrating her way around the international tennis circuit…..she was never ever discriminated against…she even participated in the Olympic Broad Jumping trials….and narrowly missed being included in the team…

The Guardian was onto this media beat up like a shot….they seem to be in full attack mode and want to blacken Courts name….expect the Guardian zio cunts to make the most of Courts comments….

Let’s hope Maggie speaks up about a small fudge packing cabal in the NZ team competing at the Americas cup…Apparently Vaseline® sales have skyrocketed in the Bahamas…. and ….it has nothing to do with sunburn!!.

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