Former great Australian tennis player…probably doesn’t realise the forces she is confronting…

Margaret Court is one of the greatest tennis players Australia has produced.

But there is a major problem with Court she does not buy into the zio-media PC ideology…..problem!!.

She stated that modern tennis is full of lesbians….that is actually fact.She also said transgender children are the work of the devil.Here you could disagree with court…..after all they are only children….Far more accurate would be to say their parents have been indoctrinated by the Jewish controlled media….(for example Horrid Hillary of NZ breakfast TV (who looks like she could be a part time lezo)…Hillary never misses the opportunity to promote transgender type shit.

Recall when commie regimes took over in Europe they began to attack symbols of the country….like changing the name of St Petersburg to Leningrad….

It has been proposed that the tennis centre named after Court should have its name changed because they don’t like Court expressing her right to free speech……Aussies need to be prepared to go to war if these Politically Correct maniacs start to get their way on this.

Normally you see….The PC cunts can usually get their way on such issues…BUT Margaret Court is an Australian legend WHO IS PREPARED TO STAND UP… it makes it difficult to destroy Courts reputation…. they have to be content with smearing Court on TV.

But most Aussies wouldn’t have any truck with that……they may go in for a long campaign gradually chipping away at Courts reputation…..nothing is beneath these PC cunts….they’re rabid ideologues and they are always a threat to freedoms….”for the betterment of humankind” of course.

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