Another Daily Mail strategy…..

The Jews at The Daily Mail like to publicise deportation cases involving “nice” people…..that many would perhaps object to…..

BUT MEANTIME….in the real world hordes of trash illegal immigrants pour into Europe by their tens of thousands.

The Jewish owned and operated media has decided NOT to publicise the NEW invasion taking place in the Northern hemisphere summer..therefore it is not happening….Germany’s leading crypto Jew Merkel has spent FIFTEEN BILLION EURO ON HOUSING AND FEEDING THEM….so they can go ahead and rape German women and rob houses.

It is absolutely sickening and the only way to combat it is by covert action otherwise Merkels modern day Gestapo will target protesters….This sort of thing is ALREADY happening in Britain….and it is breeding a wealth of resentment from native born people.THEY have realised that a covert war is being waged against their right to freedom of expression….Britain is a police state in all but name….Want to test that statement….??.Try organising opposition to the invasion of Britain by third world fake refugees.All of a sudden you’ll find that “odd” thing start happening… clear evidence your dwelling has been gone through by persons unknown….meaning agents of the state.No search warrant of course.They’ll get one of those later if the find something incriminating the first time round.

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