New immigrant raping outrage in Britain…

This time in West Yorkshire….apparently a 13 year old English girl was gang raped by immigrants brought into the country by THATCHER,BLAIR,MAJOR,CAMERON AND NOW MAY. (All CRYPTO Jews who are determined to change the face of Britain…covertly)

Of course the authorities already know this has been going on but have done NOTHING to stop it.INFACT…right at this very minute May IS STILL ALLOWING THESE SAVAGES INTO BRITAIN…..AND ordering the secret police to target any British citizen who objects……..covertly as befits a police state in all but name.

This IS A conspiracy which involves supposed elected representatives in collusion with the media….labelling objectors as “far right” or Nazis.

Watch as the crypto Jew May does NOTHING TO STOP MORE RAPISTS AND TERRORISTS ARRIVING IN BRITAIN……they are simply not interested,after all its not their daughters being raped and abused.






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