You’re a mug if you believe any of this anti Trump stuff.

Now they are harping on about his climate change stuff.

Keep in mind Trump is a Jew…therefore all this anti Trump stuff probably has a greater long term strategy.

A recent report shows that the number of fake refugees coming into the USA has actually INCREASED since Trump took office!!..Remember ALL the people surrounding Trump are actually JEWS,including such low level employees as Spicer the press spokesman.

And what about the pathetic former president Obama….whose European mother  was a Jew…..Normally former presidents quietly fade from the scene…but this IDIOT is still hanging around making noises from the sideline…

It is highly unlikely Trump will be impeached although all the worthies are suggesting this…..he is a fully paid up member of Global Jews Incorporated.

One possible suggestion is…The Elders of Zion are tuning up America for a civil war… order to forestall the possibility of an insurrection overthrowing the Jews minority rule of America.

If Americans ever manage to prise off the Jews grip on the Americas money supply….then America WILL be great again…..Take a look at the imbeciles in the audiences of the Jewish talk shows…it does not bode well for the future.

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