IRELAND opts for a PC double whammy.

Well the Irish people didn’t really opt for having a half Indian Prime Minister who packs fudge….it was imposed on them by the usual chicanery…no doubt the Irish media (for example) is run by crypto Jews….like every other Western democracy.

But as usual things may not be as they seem.Considering that the new Irish president has a close relative in the Indian film industry (Bollywood) which has a disproportionate number of Indian Jews….then there is a very good chance that Mr Fudgee of downtown Dublin has two very well embeded CRYPTO Jews as parents.One from India and the other Irish…..(The Sassoons who trafficked opium to China were originally from Iraq then changed into Indian Jews then changed again to be part of the upper class in Europe.)

Without definitive evidence….this is of course speculation…keep in mind Jews in Ireland have had to keep a low profile because the Catholic church still has considerable influence.However this is waning….and thus the third world immigrants begin arriving and the new Indian origin PM fully intends to remove restrictions on abortion….ASAP….already sexual deviants can get married….but perhaps not in a church (yet)’

Poland is still holding out against the above…..and will be subject to IMMENSE PRESSURE from the zio-globalists …ditto Hungary.This could even result in deliberately inflicted damage on their respective economies…to help break down resistance from the people……

Of course the Jewish media is absolutely singing with praise about all this….”a new beginning”…..”The new way forward for Ireland”….”a new spirit of tolerance”…..

ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND….that although Jews are praising Ireland to the heavens…..Jews in no way do the same when it comes to Israel…infact Israel’s extremely racist immigration laws are virtually off limits for the Western media!!’

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