The absolutely AWFUL Jews who make up 99% of Britain’s celebrities.

The more cheap n nasty they are,the more likely they are Jews….keep in mind the fact that the vast majority of them are crypto Jews….they keep their ethnicity well under cover.

The Jewish charity thief Bob Geldof who is currently being investigated for tax evasion but…..significantly….NOT …outright theft and robbery…is as Jewish as the ex,now deceased,terrorist Menachim Begin….but not a peep out of the Red Top newspapers in London about Geldofs Chosen Person credentials…..nuthin’.Reason….The media is in the hands of the Jews just like the banking system….

What about the 10 million quid socialist Russel Brand…..yes of course Brand is yet another Jewish multimillionaire “socialist” celebrity.

And the new kid on the block Katie Hopkins is as Jewish as a fraudulent insurance claim.She has made MILLIONS  from Mercury the American Outboard Motor manufacturer….Hopkins volunteered to lend her name to Mercurys smallest outboard model which according to the advertising “kicks up more wake than a Katie Hopkins petit mal”.

Unfortunately I have had the misfortune of witnessing British apprentice Jewish celebrities on a cruise ship in the Caribbean….an experience which still haunts me today.

It was the passengers on the cruise ship……they all appeared to be Jews!.Jews who had obviously come by their money via some nefarious money making scam.Many had horrendous gold chains draped around their sun hammered wrinkly necks and numerous oversized gold rings with large semi precious stones….so big infact that they had difficulty wrapping their claws around their cocktails…The stones were impeded by the tropical umbrellas floating in the drink.(Use the Jew billionaire pension thief GREEN as your template here….Gross,Obscene,Greed are the adjectives that spring to mind….only he bought a whole cruise ship from the proceeds of crime…. against the goyim)

Then there were the budding Jewish celebrities on stage….they even had a line up of show girls but they weren’t exactly svelte in appearance….some were extremely chubby and none of them was of the same height as their fellow performers…..a mish mash in other words…..worse was the spectacle where they raised their legs in unison…as show girls are supposed to do ,locked arm in arm.None of them could get a leg above 45° they were simply too chubby……The musicians behind seem to be engaged in an ongoing feud….and at one point looked like they may come to blows.

Needless to say I had to put up with harassment stuff….some of the passengers had obviously been tipped off by the British Secret Police…..I got the “whistling trick” while waiting in line for some well cooked,not quite dead bacterial food.Perhaps some members of the British Secret Police got a freebee on the cruise tracking a dangerous political criminal……..

I swear that some of the passengers were of the East End Jewish criminal fraternity…..they almost had a flashing neon sign above their head “Jewish criminal abroad please secure your valuables”‘.Then there were the food menus distributed to the passengers….not that they really needed one…..The meals were almost identical…disgusting with entrees (unpalatable). The menus were edged with stars….but not your ordinary stars…but rather the distinctive star of David…..was this by chance??.Still there is the chance of a ship board romance….but you don’t expect to be approached by a retirement aged zio-boiler who parks her zimmerframe prior to wolfing down some octopus on the turn .. .at your table.Third world resorts often feature these fading boilers cruising around looking for some strapping blackamoor to give them a work over….many catch horrendous diseases as a result.

But you have to admire these budding Jewish celebrities for their persistence…they seem to have a rock solid belief in themselves….they CAN make it to the bright lights no matter what obstacles are put in their way…like being pawed by a drunk northerner who has spent half his life consuming chip butties and ale….

So Amanda Holden the ghastly zio- trollop on Britain’s got talent has been through the school of hard knocks…and is determined to exact her revenge on the goyim….she has just caused outrage by wearing a dress which reveals a little too much…..Keep in mind these Jewish celebrities  have a well concealed contempt for their audiences….it is often payback for not being appreciated in their early careers.




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