Daily Mail….free speech….and the Mails notorious comments section.

The fact that the Daily Mail AND Guardian remove comments concerning Jewish Power and Influence from their newspapers….tells you so much about WHO is REALLY calling the shots in Britain…..

Example….Katie Hopkins who is 100% Jewish…Incidently…has just written one of her take action type columns..The Mail runs these articles as a sop to the people who REALLY want action on immigration of the third world into Britain…The Mail and Guardian smears these people with labels like “neo Nazi”,”racist”,”intolerant”,”xenophobe”‘.

Right…so The Mail purports to be tough on immigration and right wing….when are people going to get their head around the fact that the Mail preaches from the same song sheet as the Guardian…..only their approach is different.

An ;acceptable” comment for the Mail was something like this….

“Britain should employ the methods of the Russians or the Israelis to deter terrorism”.

When you see Israel or Israelis cast in a good light you should automatically suspect Jewish bullshit…..The commenter suggested that Israel’s methods of stopping terrorism are good.Kill the terrorist and all his family and blow up his house.None of this stuff seems to offend the Mails censors.

However if a commenter suggested ….”We should copy Spain five hundred years ago and deport all Muslims and Jews from Britain and rebuild the Christian foundations of Britain”……there would be a snowball’s chance of hell of that comment being passed…..Not a chance in hell…..

As for Israeli methods being effective…tell that to the relatives of the British citizens killed by parcel bombs sent from Israel….or the relatives of the soldiers lynched by Jews in an olive grove in Palestine.Their bodies were Booby trapped with explosives the Jews hid in their body….so they could kill further soldiers when the bodies were cut down.THE DAILY MAIL AND THE GUARDIAN WILL ACTIVELY PREVENT SUCH EVENTS EVER BEING REPORTED.

Hopkins who is of course sympathetic to the Jew racists in Israel….naturally puts in a plug for the “wonderful Sikh community”….What precisely is “wonderful” about Sikhs….this sounds like Muslims bad,Sikhs good sort of nonsense….something out of Animal Farm.

What really is necessary is the rebuilding of the monarchy…a new dynasty….not long lost relatives of German crypto Jews…..(sachs,sax,sacks..are Jewish surnames Incidently)

However if Hopkins proposal to round up Muslim radicals WAS implemented there would be an immediate drop in threats.Her burning of their British passports would have a similar effect….common sense….but May won’t do a fucking thing…

Here’s the problem…Hopkins may be genuine,but because she is a Jew you can never be sure, because her comments may be part of yet another Jewish scam and deception….run out of Tel Aviv in Israel.

Muslim immigrants are concentrated on but all sorts of other immigrants are creating massive problems as well….however it suits Global Jewish Power to concentrate on Muslims….their objective being a Muslim western clash of civilisations…which Israel will seek to benefit from by invading nations surrounding Israel.

The REAL problem confronting western countries…is from within….a treacherous hostile elite which does not act in the interests of the people….watch May as she betrays Britain yet again.

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