Enoch Powell predicted this DECADES AGO….

For his trouble he was ostracized and banished from public life.

Infact any one with an ounce of commonsense could have predicted this latest outrage….

Will May the “Vicars daughter” stop third world immigrants flooding into Britain everyday of the week….NO SHE WONT….

WHY NOT…..???.

Because the British elite is working to an hidden agenda….which was revealed when a secret report was released during Blair’s term.The intention was to “change the face of Britain” via mass alien immigration.

Watch as the Jewish run media highlights immigrants who are against terrorism.The Jewish elite have even installed a Muslim mayor of London.Watch how British anti immigration groups are harassed and targeted by MI5….watch how Britain is betrayed by its leadership.

This problem could be brought to a halt with decisive action…..but rest assured it won’t be…..The Guardian will still be running articles about white racism and the Mail will still be running articles about Nazis invading Britain over seventy years ago while AN INVASION IS TAKING PLACE RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.

At least some people in Britain recognises that Britain has been betrayed….which led to the death of an MP……There will be more of that sort of thing as people realise that the elite has absolutely NO INTENTION of stopping more alien immigration.

AND THE ELITES BETRAYAL IS EUROPE WIDE…..Look at the fate of the medical student in Germany….raped and murdered by an immigrant brought into the country BY THE TREACHEROUS CRYPTO JEWESS MERKEL….and Germany continues to be under siege.

British citizens are going to have to start pinpointing their protests on the elite……they have proven they have NO intention of listening to the British public……

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