This question is quickly lost amongst a whole lot of conflicting information…The symptoms of the invasion rather than the CAUSE….The cause …..that is WHO WAS IT CREATED MASSIVE PROBLEMS FOR EUROPEAN COUNTRIES…WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN AND WERE FORESEEN…..THAT IS THE QUESTION.

Now go to the you tube Barbara Spectre video….where you get the answer straight from the horses mouth.

NZers should not be complacent….The same ethnicity which controls all Western Countries…is very active in NZ.They have ensured….just for example that  ALL POLITICAL REPORTERS IN NZ ARE JEWISH.

Not only that but they are running the Mandarins which operate the machinery of govt.

This is precisely the situation in Washington D.C…..where govt offices empty out on Jewish religious holidays.

The Jews will set back Britain by decades just as they did to Eastern Bloc countries…..

Already opponents of Jewish domination are suffering persecution at the hands of the of the secret police in respective western countries….once again a replay of what happened in Eastern Bloc countries under their domination.


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