Daily Mail hack calls Nick Clegg a “sanctimonious creep”

It was Clegg who scuppered serious control orders to prevent terrorism…while deputy Prime Minister.

According to the hack Clegg acted in this manner because he was worried about “human rights issues”

Okay…..was that REALLY Cleggs motivation or was there some other reason…there could be you know since politicians are notorious for their lying.

Maybe Clegg WANTED things to spin out of control…..for OTHER REASONS.

You only have to look at the behaviour of Tony Blair the Marrano Catholic….and THAT secret report that was released to the public….stating it was his intention to CHANGE THE FACE OF BRITAIN by opening the doors of Britain to the third world.

Politicians LIE…that’s an established fact……

An alternative explanation for Clegg assisting terrorism in Britain…is Clegg has an agenda….

The MOST CRUCIAL fact about Clegg is he is a crypto Jew……Have absolutely NO doubt about that…..as such his first loyalty is toward ISRAEL….and ITS objectives.

Keep in mind such treachery as the crypto Jewish politicians who helped cover up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty.The attack was sent down the memory hole…..and guess who played a leading role in the cover-up…??.None other than Admirable McCain…yes that’s right, the father of the current Senator…..The McCain’s are crypto Jews installed right at the heart of American politics….like the Marrano Catholic John Kerry.

Lyndon Johnson was also a crypto Jew….have absolutely no doubt about that. (There are a disproportionate number of crypto Jews in the American South West….as a result of historical events involving Catholic crypto Jews in Mexico.)

Cleggs PM was Cameron….ALSO A JEW…but in his case far more obvious than Clegg.His ancestors were Jewish bankers!!.

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