The WW1 Etaples Mutiny 1917….almost a century ago.

The official account of this mutiny is due to be released this year or next….

The actual account of the mutiny has been held under lock and key for one hundred years.BUT….apparently the files have been got at by MI5/6….

Now why would the British government put files relating to the “suicide” of Dr David Kelly away from the public’s prying eyes for SEVENTY years unless there is something to hide.

Australians can proudly claim to have taken a leading role in this mutiny.Unlike British troops they could not be shot by their commanding officers…..

There was a great tv series produced by the BBC about a mutineer Percy Topliss….”The Monocled Mutineer”…but the BBC seems strangely reluctant to show repeat screenings……

Even though it was made in the eighties it has not dated for obvious reasons.

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